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Final Friday 02.26.2016

Tim Hackney

We enjoyed another Final Friday last week. If you are wondering what FF is, check out this blog post. There’s nothing we enjoy more than having friends, clients and anyone else join us for a cold one and some inspiration at the end of the month. If you’d like to be on the invite list, email me. Here’s what we shared.

The Fox and King
“The Fox and King is the working burrow of Melbourne based illustrator and sometimes animator.”

Witness Gotham: Wayne Murder

“An interactive experience that allows users to explore the Wayne murder. Built with 3D models and WebGL technology, users can pan 360 around the crime scene using their desktop, mobile, or tablet devices.”

Museum Under The Sea
“Artist Jason deCaires Taylor’s refugee sculptures sit nearly 50 feet below the sea off the coast of Spain’s Canary Islands. You’ll need some diving gear to visit this museum.”

“Two photographers, two places and 12 hours of photography. At least one shot every 30 minutes, hopefully nice…”

Marvel Daredevil – Hallway Fight Scene

“Daredevil will fight crime anywhere, anytime. The hunt for a kidnapped boy, and the criminals who took him, brings Matt Murdock to a hallway filled with thugs. And makes them regret every crime they’ve ever committed.” This fight scene is made up of one continuous shot. Crazy.

History of the Po’ Boy sandwich

“Mike Houston and Dan De Graaf illustrate the origins of the Po’ Boy sandwich on a 14-foot canvas.”

Dear Brother – Johnnie Walker
“This chilling spec ad for Johnnie Walker won’t leave a dry eye in the room.”

Best of GoPro: 2015

“From Space to the sea, here are the best clips on GoPro from 2015.”

Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

“This is what your upstairs neighbors are really up to.”

The Shining

“…Credit I believe goes to a Something Awful Goon.”

Logo Evolve

“Discover how the evolved logos of today’s giant companies look like during their humble startup phase.”

Hillary Waters Fayle – Embroidered Leaves

“By combining these organic objects with the rich traditions of needlecraft, I bind nature and the human touch.”

Collaborations with my Toddler
“Mom Collaborates with 3-Year-Old Daughter to Turn Doodles into Imaginative Works of Art.”

A Day in the Life of Americans
“This is how American runs.”

This is Happy

“From the ups and the downs, to the laughs and frowns, happy is made of the moments we share. And that’s a journey worth nourishing.”

Dana Keller
“Color can force us to instantly see an old photograph with a new perspective, and make it seem as if the past it portrays wasn’t that long ago after all.”

The Hateful Eight Time-Lapse (no spoilers)

“Ah, Film! This 70mm Projection Time-Lapse of ‘The Hateful Eight’ is Just Lovely”

A Taste of Austria
“The scenery of our home country Austria is beyond compare. We live in the heart of Europe where we have a spectacular combination of cultural and natural attractions. No matter what time of year, Austria will welcome you with „Schmäh“ and „Gemütlichkeit“.”

A Taste of Vienna

“This is the second episode of our independent “A Taste of …” time lapse series. You wanna have a look at the city behind the Wiener Schnitzel, Sachertorte and Wiener Melange? Have a taste of our beautiful hometown Vienna, which serves as capital of Austria, located in the heart of Europe, with its enormous rich culture and history. Let us take you on a fast trip through Vienna’s world wide well known buildings, as well as less famous places, trough restaurants or tramways, which are called “Bims” by its locals, by the way…"

Here’s a look at the time-lapse smoothing software used in A Taste of Austria and A Taste of Vienna:

Second Suez Canal – Icon of the Future
“Records were broken, vessels were mobilised from every corner of the globe, and work was carried out non-stop. The construction of the new Suez Canal in Egypt was like a rollercoaster ride. In less than a year’s time, a second canal was constructed alongside the old canal. By completing this iconic project, Van Oord once again left its mark on the world.”

From Timber to Tide

“Ben Harris takes you inside his Cornwall shop to share the rustic elegance behind traditional wooden boat building.”

The Maker

“If You’re Sick and Tired of Hipstery ‘Maker’ Culture, Watch This Hilarious Video Now.”

Congratulations on making it through the full list. For the January FF, we took a field trip to the Grand Rapids Art Museum so this is actually two months worth of content. March probably won’t be so crazy.