Good Work.

Best Semester

Through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU), BestSemester proudly offers twelve off-campus and study abroad programs around the world.

Each of those programs had a need for a unique mark that served to strengthen the overarching story of the brand. In addition, BestSemester was facing a decline in enrollment and sought to extend a brand campaign that would attract students who were looking for a study abroad experience that would combine real-world adventure, academic rigor, true cultural immersion and faith exploration.

Deliverables included:

The “Get the Picture” campaign offered an expressive solution ideally suited to today’s young adults, who can’t help but capture every moment. Images for the campaign were produced through student ambassadors. Headlines are short and poignant. Copy is flavorful. Design is distinctive. With a bright and energizing color palette, each BestSemester program holds a unique identity—chiefly communicated through hue, typography and illustrated elements. Together, these badges distinguished each program while still incorporating the BestSemester logo, therein strengthening the brand’s vibrancy with audiences.

The website is story-driven, with program-specific use of color and typography as well as featured photography connected to a short written reflection revealing each student’s experience “behind the photo.”