Good Work.

Dirk Nykamp Design

TIG has a special place in our heart for Dirk Nykamp. Not only did he help us with our Bowling Lane Table (BLT)—but he’s a great guy and a truly talented designer, working with any reclaimed architectural materials you can imagine.

So, when Dirk came to us to help take his company to the next level, we were chomping at the bit to get started. A few weeks (and a couple hundred post-its) later, Dirk Nykamp Design was born. Thanks to a relationship built on mutual trust and respect, the look and tone of this brand is pure Dirk. TIG has learned to come alongside brands at practically any point in their lifetimes and help them discover (or rediscover) their voice. With clients like Dirk, we’re honored to be there at the very beginning and look forward to many good things to come.


Name and identity (logo)
Brand guide
Brand assets (letterhead and envelopes, business cards)
Print collateral
Packaging / hang tag