Good Work.

Dordt College

Dordt College asked The Image Group to take a strong set of assets and ideate a campaign that would set the college apart from the competition. They needed a new search piece in their Admissions cycle as well as a new set of graphic elements to enhance and unify their other print and web materials.

After visiting the campus and internalizing what made Dordt “Dordt,” our team provided the college with a fresh way to share their story and successfully draw target students to the University. Our work revolved around a key differentiator: Dordt offers its students “More.”

Deliverables included:

The “More” campaign adopts a conversational approach with students. The mix of headlines and anthem prose help keep pieces engaging and original. The campaign also intentionally plays with typography and color to emphasize the scope of what Dordt has to offer. As a whole, the campaign has built up the school’s legitimacy and generated energy for their coming Admissions cycle.