Good Work.

Hillsdale College

Founded in 1844, Hillsdale College is a small liberal arts institution established to pursue truth and defend liberty. To further that mission, Hillsdale College created the Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Leadership Development Center to inspire the next generation of leaders in human relations.

Since its opening, the Dow Center has drawn speakers from every corner of the globe to educate Hillsdale’s students on the meaning of true leadership. For the 50-year anniversary celebration of the Dow Center opening, Hillsdale sought to reveal the unique impact of the Center thanks to the inspiring speakers it has hosted, from Margaret Thatcher to Ronald Reagan.

Deliverables included:

Focusing on the “50” as the spinning dial of a timeline traveling through the years, the “Legacy of Liberty” campaign told that story: blending the nation’s history with the bold and inspiring Hillsdale brand. What unfolded was a poignant reflection on the great minds that empowered nations and generations of leaders to further the cause of liberty.