Good Work.

Saginaw Valley State University

SVSU approached TIG after a 5-year trend of declined enrollment. In a post-recession economy, their story is not unique amongst higher ed. institutions. However, SVSU knew that in order to turn the tide, the entire region needed to more fully understand what makes the university unique. They required a powerful retelling of their story. TIG worked with one of our strategy partners to discover the key differentiators of the university. We realized that students who chose SVSU longed to join a community—they valued success, but they wanted it paired with teamwork and personal relationship with their professors and classmates. The “We” campaign directly appeals to these kinds of students, highlighting the university’s culture of collaboration and support.

Thanks to TIG, the Midwest is discovering SVSU is a place where students soar together, taking the world by storm, from the global conference halls at Oxford to national competitions for student-engineered race cars. In a year when 15 out of 16 public universities in Michigan is down in applicants, SVSU is ahead both in number of campus visits and number of students already registered for Summer Orientation. #WeCardinal


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