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Tulip Time

One of the largest festivals of its kind, Tulip Time attracts people from across the country. The week-long celebration in Holland, Michigan offers annual events and highlights the rich history of Dutch Heritage. This posed a unique challenge for the festival’s board of directors, who were looking for a refreshed branding effort that maintained the history and community ownership of the festival while better communicating the wide scope of events and cultures included in the week of celebration. The board was also looking to engage younger audiences in order to ensure the sustainability of the festival.

The Image Group approached these concerns with a special focus on connecting with local residents and Tulip Time tourists across generations. We therefore created a logo that emphasized a variety of tulips—reflecting the nuanced stories, traditions and activities that set apart the festival.

Content navigation for the website was streamlined to reflect a clean and simple approach containing three primary categories: learn, visit and celebrate. These categories not only clarified the site’s content, but provided guests with important language to talk about the Tulip Time brand. Our mobile-first mentality ensured that festival guests could visit the site from any mobile device to quickly find what they needed while downtown and that younger users could engage through social media.

Deliverables included:

The new logo, brand icons, colors and website have not only furthered brand recognition, but inspired additional branding efforts by the Tulip Time organization. The festival’s partnership with The Image Group continues, as does its reach and influence. In 2015, the festival generated $12.9 million in local revenue and drew a crowd of 500,000 people. 51% of those attendees relied on the Tulip Time website for information, which had over 529,000 visitors last year alone.